Our Crafting Process

The Crafting Process

At Art De Vie Furniture, we’re not only inspired by antique aesthetic, but also by the crafting processes of a bygone era. All our pieces are created, carved, and gilded by hand by master craftsmen to ensure an authentic look and the finest artisanal quality.

How We Do It ?

Our production process is quite unique: we pay particular attention to bringing you the best pieces at affordable prices. Think of it as exclusive design, without the exclusionary price tag.

We start by choosing high-quality wood, which is then sanded and carved completely by hand – no machines are involved. The wood is then hand-gilded with 24K gold, silver, or rose gold leaf to give it that exquisite, authentic luster. We then carefully select high-grade fabrics from our supplier that complement the woodwork. For non-upholstered items such as dressers, chests, and vatrines (glass display cabinets), we embellish them with the finest bronze or intricate marquetry art for that unique touch.

What is Gold Leaf?

Gold leaf is produced by hammering real gold into fine sheets, in a process known as goldbeating. Adorning a surface(such as a piece of furniture) with gold leaf is called gilding.

Throughout the centuries, gold leaf has been used to embellish furniture, artworks, and artifacts. Here at Art De Vie Furniture, we use it because it adds a beautiful shimmer and an authentic antique look; it creates a luxurious luster, glinting when it catches the light.

What is Marquetry?

Also known as marqueterie (from the French marqueter, meaning “to varigate”). Marquetry is a craft involving the application of pieces of veneer to objects or furniture, in order to create decorative patterns or pictures.

At Art De Vie Furniture, we add marquetry art to many of our pieces to give them elegant antique style and a beautifully glossy, decorative finish that’s rich with detail.

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