Online Accent Sofas for Sale – Art De Vie Furniture

Online Accent Sofas for Sale – Art De Vie Furniture

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Do you want to give a fancy look to your living room and to feel like royalty? Well, we have just the right Victorian style furniture to help you with it. You will find that our Art De Vie collection of Victorian styled couches are perfect to give your living room that vintage look that everyone’s been craving nowadays. These elegantly designed and well-crafted modern couches deliver the flawless Victorian era ambiance to your living room. When buying a couch you want it to be comfortable and stylish to give your living room a homely feeling, fortunately, these deliver on both fronts.

Alyssum, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Black Velvet, Banquette Sofa:

This couch is crafted with the idea of french country furniture having the classic color palette of black and Accent gold.  This highly glamorous Victorian couch is crafted by hand and has hand-painted gold detailing on the back and gorgeous giltwood trumpet legs. The seat is covered with a luxurious black velvet material slightly tufted with gold details at the sides. 

Azalée, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Victorian Rose Velvet, Banquette Bench:

Do you want to style your home with a gorgeous relaxing seat? Well, this sofa is the right fit for you as it is the impeccable combination of elegance, sophistication, and finesse. The wooden frame is accentuated by the silver details added by hand. This piece of victorian looking furniture with its rose-gold color and flower details is made to compliment your parlor. 

Camellia, French Style, Powdered Gold Leaf, Tufted Berulean, Blue Silk Sofa:

This luxurious metallic royal blue sofa will definitely be the highlight of your lounge! The wooden frame is adorned with small flower details dusted with silver powder. The back and the sides have the same height and are covered with regal blue silk. It has a stunning design with tufted back, seat, and sides providing comfort and beauty at the same time. Get this victorian blue sofa to beautify your lounge now!

Capillaire, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Pale Blue Velvet, Chaise Lounge:

This beautiful antique victorian furniture can take your lounge to a whole new level. This love-seat would look amazing in your parlor, it emits intricacy and elegance. The wooden frame has elaborate designs dusted with specs of silver to emphasize its splendor. The soft and comfortable seat invites you to pick up a book and relax in your favorite couch.

Chicorée-amére, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Maroon Velvet, Banquette Bench:

Are you desperately looking for a splendid piece of furniture to be the highlight of your room? Then I believe that this beautiful bench is exactly what you need. This classic victorian sofa radiates royalty with its classic color combination of maroon and gold. It has a unique and simple design carved by hand into the wooden frame and a deeply tufted comfortable seat. 

Dahlia, French Style Cane, Tufted Tan/ Beige Velvet, Banquette Sofa:

Not content with your decor yet? Do you feel like it is missing an element? Well then this is the couch for you, this beautiful statement piece symbolizes boldness and beauty. The back is a modern take on victorian sofas and chairs, the sides and bottom increase the comfort through button tufting. The center of the back has caning on it.

Frêne èlevè, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Mauve Taupe Velvet, Chaise Lounge:

Tired searching for a gorgeous yet plush seat for your home? Well, look no further as this french style chaise lounge is the ideal antique-style furniture to enhance the beauty of any space. This mauve contemporary meridienne is designed to brighten up any parlor. It is made with the highest quality velvet cloth and the golden looped legs of the sofa give the victorian era sofa a contemporary and modern look.

Fuchsia Giltwood Banquette Sofa:

Isn’t it wonderful to come back home to a relaxing sofa made just for your needs? Of course it is and this amazing fuchsia meridienne styled sofa is the only answer for you. The sheer floral design on the giltwood back and the Cabriole legs of this vintage victorian loveseat provide the room with an artistic vibe.

Laurier Franc, French Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Black Velvet, Loveseat Sofa:

On the look-out for a vintage yet modern design? Want vintage victorian furniture for your humble abode? Well, this tufted black velvet gold leaf sofa is an immaculate choice with its metallic gold legs and arm-rests, tufted back-rest and looped legs at the back, it would be a marvelous addition to any space. it’s the ideal mix of Victorian and modern styles and is the perfect love-seat for gatherings and private sittings.

Lierre, Antique Style, French Cane Art, Tufted Tan Velvet, Banquette Sofa:

Do you plan on giving a subtle yet beautiful touch to your study room? This beige-colored victorian parlor furniture would be the best introduction. It has velvet tufted button seating with gold-colored woodwork and Cabriole legs to complete the antique look while the cane work on the back gives it a rustic homey vibe. The handcrafted intricate floral designs are a testimony to the amazing craftsmanship that made this piece of art.

Lunaria, French Style, Powdered Gold Leaf, Tufted Blue Velvet, Banquette Sofa:

Sofas can be repetitive and boring which is not the case with this modern victorian style sofa that is conventional with its high side arms and a captivating centerpiece at the back. The wooden frame of the sofa glimmers with gold, not only flattering the blue velvet fabric but also illuminating the room. The button tufting all over the fabric enhances the texture and beauty of this sofa.

Ronce, Antique Style, Aged Gold Leaf, Tufted Maroon Velvet, Banquette Sofa:

Looking for something unique and new yet still vintage? Well, this vintage victorian style sofa is just what you want. With its smaller back but bulbous seat giving it an unprecedented design. The fabric meets the woodwork bordered with a maroon and gold braided lace. The sofa has detailed craftsmanship on it’s cresting with hues of gold and bronze complimenting the tufted maroon velvet. 

Citronelle, Victorian Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Blue Velvet, Chaise Lounge:

If you’re rummaging to find a piece of art as well as a comfy sofa, well this Chaise lounge is eye-catching with its velvet fabric complimenting the blue hue to look like a raging ocean with the back symbolizing the crests and troughs of a wave. The frame of the sofa is hand-carved gold leaf with aged silver dusted over it to further enhance its beauty. Add this piece to your victorian style sofa set now to increase your lounge’s beauty.

Citronelle, Victorian Style, Gold Leaf, Tufted Black Velvet, Chaise Lounge:

Same design as the one mentioned above, this sofa still holds its own identity with its black victorian design it welcomes the conventional colors and uses them to its advantage, providing an exquisite black and gold combination which will catch your guests’ attention each time. The tufted black velvet works to provide texture and depth as well as a comfort to the design.


Art De Vie Furniture is excellent when looking for original designs as it manages to surprise customers in an already concentrated market. Art De Vie products are not only appealing to the eye but also strong and long-lasting. Their unique take on Victorian furniture provides a vintage as well as a modern look to your parlor. Basically, it’s the answer to all your furniture needs.

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